Solar Training Q&A

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I just want to learn the basics about solar – Where do I start?

Click here to view our 1 hour free training video about the basics. If you want to learn further, click here to see our other 1 hour trainings that go into more detail about different subjects.

How does Ambassador Energy’s online solar training work?

Our short 1 hour videos are downloadable and play on any computer with a standard media player. Our longer online courses – Entry Level PV Design & Installation and Advanced PV Design & Installation are comprised of video instruction that can be streamed to any computer connected to the internet, quiz questions and tests to help students retain and understand the information presented and one-on-one time with the instructor. Those courses also include a textbook and study guides that are mailed to the student when they register.

How do I get NABCEP Credentials?

Click here to view our guide on the NABCEP PV credentials.

Is financing available for Ambassador Energy online solar training classes?

Financing is available on our online and classroom trainings. Please contact us at 866-586-1840 or for more information.

How do I sign up for online training classes?

Our short, 1 hour training videos can be downloaded any time from our website here. Students can register here for our Entry Level PV Design and Installation class online with a credit card. To register for the Advanced PV Design and Installation online course, students must call Mt. San Jacinto college during business hours. Click here for more details.

Which online solar course is right for me?

If you just want to learn a little bit about solar, try our downloadable 1 hour training courses here. If you want to add credentials to your resume in order to get a job in the solar industry, you should consider our Entry Level PV Design and Installation course which can lead to the NABCEP Entry Level credential, a very good thing to have on your resume. The Entry Level PV Design and Installation course is also recommended for solar sales people that are interested in getting the NABCEP PV Technical sales certification. If you are currently working in the technical side of the solar industry, are familiar with PV system design and installation and you want to achieve a higher level of knowledge, you should consider the Advance PV Design and Installation course. This online class offered through Mt. San Jacinto college will give you in depth knowledge on everything from string sizing to conduit and wire sizing and will help prepare you for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification Exam if you are looking for that credential.

Which is better – online courses or being in the classroom?

Based on student feedback, online courses are a better way to learn the information. Video instruction and be re-played as many times as needed. Regular quiz segments ensure that students are learning and retaining the information. Students are able to work at their own pace – 8 hours of in-person training often leaves students with their heads spinning with too much information while the online courses allow students to take in the information at whatever paces suits their learning abilities. When taking online courses, students still have access to instructors for one-on-one question and answer sessions if they are having difficulty with any of the course subject matter.

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