Low Income Apartment Solar Installation

January 17, 2012

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Solar Photovoltaic Systems Added to Southern California Low-income Apartment Complex, Offsets Energy Costs and Sets an Example within the Community

As renovations are completed for Oaktree Apartments in Temecula, the crown jewel, a Solar PV system, is added. This high-tech, cutting-edge property improvement will statistically increase the property’s value, while garnering good will from the community, according to Ambassador Energy President, Kelly Smith.

Owners of the property, Highland Property Construction, Inc. of San Clemente, CA, responding to escalating and unpredictable costs for electricity, made the decision to purchase a solar electric system from 360 Solar, a division of Dan’s Roofing of Lake Elsinore, CA, a part of the Ambassador Energy Authorized Agency group.

Dan Williams, owner of Dan’s Roofing, has been a successful California roofing contractor for 30 years, and has now bridged the technology chasm and to take his company in a green direction. In early 2009, Williams recruited Tony Hickman to spearhead the solar division, called 360 Solar, which is installing residential and commercial solar solutions throughout Southern California.

“The Oaktree project is an interesting one,” said Hickman, who managed the solar project. “There were many considerations in the design of the solar system. It took a lot of work to create the Return on Investment statement, given that the individual apartments were on sub-meters. Once we got the financial case figured out, met the unique logistical demands, and addressed the roof condition, the installation was the easy part. We think this is a great model of how to use solar energy to reduce the high electric rate tiers of the utility company. Now that the model is created, we hope to bring this solution to many more multi-family properties.”

At 360 Solar’s suggestion, Highland Property Construction principles decided on a 20.16 kilowatt solar PV system, assembled with 84 panels and 84 micro-inverters. The arrays are strategically mounted on several rooftops within the complex, located at 42176 Lyndie Lane, Temecula, CA 92591.

Hickman added, “You really never know if a system will pencil until you enter the data and do the math. We are far beyond just calculating how many panels will fit on a roof. The industry is getting more sophisticated and I give kudos to the owners of Oaktree for thinking outside the box, giving their tenants a sense of pride, helping their own bottom line, and actually reducing their carbon footprint, benefitting the planet. It’s all good.”

360 Solar, a Division of Dan’s Roofing services all of Southern California, specializing in residential and commercial rooftop and ground-mounted solar installations.

About Ambassador Energy

Ambassador Energy has over 50 Authorized Agencies in 11 US states, including Dan’s Roofing/360 Solar. AE provides a turnkey, consolidated platform of renewable energy training, support, product-agnostic distribution and evolving mindshare to a nationwide network of Ambassador Energy Authorized Agents, who are contractors and entrepreneurs augmenting their portfolios by offering renewable energy solutions to their clients.

Ambassador Energy offers many solar training courses like Solar PV Design and Installation, Advanced PV Technical Sales, Advanced PV Installation, Solar PV for General Contractors, and a growing list of others. Class schedules and online registration may be found HERE.

Low Income Apartment Solar Installation

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