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January 13, 2012

Solar Training

Ambassador Energy’s Promotional “911” Agency Program Ends January 31, 2011, Following its Inception on September 11, 2010, in Honor of Our Fallen Americans

Congratulations to the savvy contractors, whose foresight allowed them to take advantage of Ambassador Energy’s 911 Authorized Agency Program. The lucky contractors were able to get the necessary “jumpstart” into the solar industry at a discount, and are now armed with all of the tools to successfully sell solar PV solutions in their marketplaces.

While the promotional 911 program ends, contractors will still have their choice of two Ambassador Energy Agency Programs, with varying degrees of support and services. Both serve provide contractors the knowledge, pricing and logistical edge, allowing them to thrive in their markets and support the growing demand for solar photovoltaic systems throughout the country.

“I think the program was a real win for the contractors I introduced it to since September 11, 2010,” said Frank Saldana, Ambassador Energy’s Director of Agency Relations. “Many of these companies are already out there selling solar and changing the world.”

“One example is Hoag Roofing, out of Southern Oregon. They came on board under the 911 program, attended our four-day training, and immediately sold a $300,000 commercial system to one of their clients, Rogue Creamery,” Saldana added. “I am really excited at how Ambassador Energy and this industry is changing so many lives – of the contractors, the customers, us at Ambassador Energy and even the planet at large!”

About Ambassador Energy

Ambassador Energy has over 50 Authorized Agencies in 13 US states. AE provides a turnkey, consolidated platform of renewable energy training, support, product-agnostic distribution and evolving mindshare to a nationwide network of Ambassador Energy Authorized Agents, who are contractors and entrepreneurs augmenting their portfolios by offering renewable energy solutions to their clients.

Ambassador Energy offers many solar training courses like Solar PV Design and Installation, Advanced PV Technical Sales, Advanced PV Installation, Solar PV for General Contractors, and a growing list of others. Class schedules and online registration may be found HERE.

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